CSRI is proud to be working with Abbotsford School District in support of their Feb. 20, 2015 Professional Development Day, titled Shared Learning 2015: Engaging Hearts and Minds.  The conference will feature many practitioners and workshops sharing how a self-regulation framework is making a difference for individual children, cohorts and whole schools.  For information about the conference or to... [Read more...]

Fire Pits & Flat Screens…and the Interbrain

Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to work with and learn from Dr. Stuart Shanker.  His groundbreaking research, clinical work and writing on self-regulation have combined to increase awareness of and accessibility to this field for educators, parents and countless others who are curious about the human dynamic and how to take what we know and have it influence what we do. Stuart’s... [Read more...]

Self-Regulation Works Best When We Work Together

We recently heard from a member of the medical profession about her work on the self-regulation framework with Nursing students and the education system.  Her comments highlight what we should never forget: they are all our kids – in the community, in schools and in the health system. Many of the most powerful self-reg initiatives are gaining traction through inter-agency involvement and alignment... [Read more...]

Supporting Your Self-Regulation Efforts

The CSRI team is ready and willing to support your school or district exploration of the self-regulation framework.  No two places are in the same place in their journey: some schools and systems are interested in activating awareness and want/need a “Self-Reg 101” overview.  Others are further along in engaging with the neuroscience and its application with individual learners, classes and... [Read more...]

What’s in a Term? Self-Regulation, Executive Functions & Self-Regulated Learning

In our self-regulation work based on research led by Dr. Stuart Shanker, we are often asked about the relationship between self-regulation and Executive Functions/Self-Regulated Learning (EFs/SRL).  Are they synonyms?  Which comes first? Are they competing brands?   Briefly: No, they aren’t synonyms; Self-Reg is a foundation upon which other levels and layers are built; and, No, this isn’t... [Read more...]

Changing Gears: Bikes as Learning Tools

A big shout out to our friends in Nova Scotia who are taking a big lead (lapping the field!!) in their work to bring productive and positive physical activity into the classroom.  Their Spark Bike program is helping some kids to up-regulate and others to down-regulate.  It is interesting to hear stories from teachers about how socially responsible kids are when they are using these new resources.... [Read more...]

Screen Time and the Human Brain: Too Much…Much Too Soon

Around the year 2000, I heard John Abbott speak in Vancouver.  John is a world-renowned educator with a tireless passion for learning and for helping us recognize and activate the potential in every child.  If you are involved in the education sector, you know John Abbott.  If you aren’t directly involved, you may well have heard him or heard of him.  His wisdom is deep and wide and the relevance... [Read more...]

Diagnosis: ADHD; Prescription: Nature

For an interesting read, try these two Angela Hanscom Washington Post blog articles linked below.  They do a thought-provoking job of highlighting one of the key issues in our self-regulation learning journey.  Too often, the adult world, including its schools, expects kids to exhibit what is often referred to as “self-control” – a label that puts too many eggs in one basket, believing that... [Read more...]

The Fourth R : Keynote Address

The Fourth R : Keynote Address

It was a pleasure to welcome participants from BC and across the country to The Fourth R: a Conference on Self-Regulation.    Thanks to West Vancouver School District and the organizing committee the day was a great success with key note address by Dr. Stuart Shanker and a variety of break out sessions in the morning and afternoon. Presentations will soon be available to all those who registered.

Self-Reg as important as ABCs and 123s

Self-Reg as important as ABCs and 123s

The article by Roberta Michnick Golinkoff and Vinaya Rajanis in the Huffington Post adds another step in understanding the self-regulation framework and its many facets.  As is often true, authentic stories help with concept attainment.  Self-regulation starts in infancy, but it’s never too late…Enjoy the article and share it with others who are engaged in a learning community that recognizes... [Read more...]

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