“The Face of Childhood is Changing”

…is part of the concluding comments by Mary-Catherine Bailey-McKenna in a new webinar linked here.  http://bit.ly/1eJO3dO   Mary-Catherine is the author of Caring Adults Helping Kids book series, with its first title, Instead I… now in its second printing.  CSRI asked Mary-Catherine to introduce the themes and concepts in her book, a bright and engaging story about a day at school.  The... [Read more...]

Summer Symposium & Call To Action

Dr. Stuart Shanker, our friend and international leader in the field of self-regulation, is hosting a Self-Regulation Summer Symposium bringing together researchers, practitioners and others interested in building capacity in this important field. The week long gathering helps to build momentum and networks of practice as we take what we know and apply it to what we do.  Follow this link for registration... [Read more...]

Trauma-induced Behaviours and a Better Way Forward

A recent Seattle Times article highlighted just some of the work going on to develop a more positive, humane and successful approach to our most complex youngsters.  The old paradigm regarding behaviour, punishment and willfulness is finally fading.  We know more about the brain, the impact of stressors and the profound challenges faced by kids who have experienced trauma, direct or intergenerational.... [Read more...]

Stronger Together in a Shared Learning Journey

We recently held a CSRI Round Table in Vancouver, hosting representatives from school districts involved in the self-regulation work that is so central to the social-emotional learning agenda.  It was an inspiring day, starting with a visit to West Vancouver classrooms to see self-reg in action.  West Vancouver School District has taken a thoughtful strategic approach to engaging its learning community... [Read more...]

Building Foundations for Success

The linked Globe and Mail article http://bit.ly/1DxHbFM  tells an important story of how a Vancouver school is paying attention to the ultimate “core” curriculum – one that recognizes that kids can’t learn and thrive if they are so stressed they can’t cope.  Being overwhelmed and dysregulated puts young people at risk; their neurophysiology is out of sync and anxiety begets anxiety... [Read more...]

Self-Regulation vs. Self-Control: a Five Minute Primer

This brief video clip, titled Self-Regulation: Sources of Stress in Young Children, can be found at http://bit.ly/1DzdR57.  It provides a good snapshot of the five domain self-regulation framework as Dr. Stuart Shanker highlights key differences between self-regulation and self-control.  Often, we make flawed assumptions about youngsters (or any of us) exhibiting dysregulated behaviour, mistakenly... [Read more...]

“How Does Learning Happen” Speaks to All Ages

After reading the resource  titled “How Does Learning Happen” http://bit.ly/1BzJFBc on the Ontario Ministry of Education site, one is struck by the universal application of the points it makes.  Quality approaches developed for early learning don’t stop being relevant as kids advance through the system.  While the focus and specific examples of this article are on the environments young... [Read more...]

We Are All Rowing in the Same Direction…and Getting Somewhere Good: Social-Emotional Learning Conference Coming Soon…

The impact of the social and emotional environment on the brain’s function and on the learning journey continues to grow by leaps and bounds.  It wasn’t so long ago that ability was seen by some as fixed and pre-determined.  Another school of thought held that a child’s trajectory was all about willpower or the capacity to comply and to absorb by filling the mind with rote learning.... [Read more...]

Ontario Resources Build our Shared Understanding & Capacity

There is a clear and strong signal about important learning ahead when the preview of an education resource includes the phrase: You will notice a common thread throughout the briefs: a view of the child as competent, capable of complex thinking, curious, and rich in potential.   Reading, reflecting on and discussing these research briefs from the Government of Ontario can help build capacity, common... [Read more...]

Bringing a Glimpse of Nature to the Classroom

Scientists, parents, teachers and the rest of us know something about the nature’s powerful capacity to calm, sooth, focus and restore our systems.  It can have an almost magical impact, either up-regulating or down-regulating the individual to a better and more productive and positive state.  But nature isn’t always as accessible as we would like it to be and occasionally a high quality proxy... [Read more...]

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