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As Director of the Canadian Self-Regulation Initiative, Mike McKay is working with schools, districts and communities to support increased understanding and application of the self-regulation framework. Mike began working with Dr. Stuart Shanker several years ago, facilitating and co-presenting at conferences and then advising school systems on how to build capacity and success by applying the neuroscience of self-regulation at the individual student and classroom levels.  
At the end of 2013, with 35 years’ experience in education, Mike retired as Superintendent/CEO of the Surrey School District, a diverse and dynamic school system in one of Canada’s fastest growing cities.  In addition to having taught at both elementary and secondary levels, beginning in the Interior and moving to other districts in B.C., Mike served as a school and district administrator from 1986.  He also worked with the B.C. Ministry of Education as Director of Educational Innovation responsible for provincial intermediate and graduation programs.  His experiences as a member of the Provincial Working Group on Accountability Agreements and District Reviews led him to encourage schools to engage in value-added improvement processes, through which school communities commit to capacity building in a positive, appreciative enquiry environment.

Mike has served on the Boards of several organizations committed to championing Canada’s public education system and promoting B.C. internationally.  In addition to his focus on self-regulation, he is also active as a resource person on system improvement through innovative leadership, accountability, ethics and professional learning communities. 


CEO and President of JKT based in Vancouver, BC. Tom is a former district school administrator who has extensive contacts with state and district administrators across North America. He is an expert in professional development, a former teacher, elementary principal, middle school principal and high school principal. Tom has also worked at the school level in curriculum development and implementation, teaching personnel, leadership development, career education, adult education, international education, funding and financial planning, as well as implementing a wide range of district wide innovations. He worked in the Ministry of Education in British Columbia as a regional coordinator – working with school districts to implement policy and programs. Currently he is the principal of JK Thomas Associates – consulting with Canadian and U.S. educational leaders to design professional development initiatives for K12 environments – both in a web based format and traditional face to face venues.

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